Tuition on the rise

UNC President Tom Ross’ Tuition Recommendations:

2012-13 in-state undergraduate tuition and fees

N.C. Central University: $5,119 (8.5 percent increase)

N.C. State University: $7,644 (9.8 percent increase)

UNC-Chapel Hill: $7,500 (9.9 percent increase)

2012-13 out-of-state undergraduate tuition and fees

N.C. Central University: $15,692 (2.6 percent increase)

N.C. State University: $20,809 (5.1 percent increase)

UNC-Chapel Hill: $28,252 (6 percent increase)

2013-14 undergraduate tuition increase*

N.C. Central University: 2 percent increase (in-state), 0.6 percent increase (out-of-state)

N.C. State University: 3.8 percent increase (in-state), 1.4 percent increase (out-of-state)

UNC-Chapel Hill: 8 percent increase (in-state), 2.1 percent increase (out-of-state)

* Fees won’t be set until next year, so at this point Ross’ proposal includes only tuition for 2013-2014.

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