I cannot hide what I am

It’s something I feel strongly about, I am a Christian, and I believe most of what I try to do is stand on biblical truths as I live my life. Children deserve to be raised in a family of a man and a woman, because both bring something different to a child’s upbringing. Nora Brooks – Vote for Marriage NC, Chatham County coordinator

In my short 33 years I’ve found the awesome responsibility of marrying a couple into God’s everlasting love to be the most humbling and rewarding experiences in my life (including the picture below). The outcome of today’s vote will not stop me from that duty. A duty that calls me to fight.

I fight AGAINST Amendment One for these people.

I’m a child of a non-traditional heterosexual union. And if you listen to the proponents of Amendment One – I, for not having a married father and mother, am the scourge of society. That’s right, the scourge; not worthy of recognition. Not worthy of validation in North Carolina’s Constitution, where only “pure” children are afforded protection?

As Shakespeare’s Faulconbridge the Bastard affirms, “And I am I, how’er I was begot.” I have forgiven God for my given circumstances – I pray you will too.

I challenge anyone to compare their son to my Momma’s only child. For someone who shouldn’t be here, I’ve accomplished quite a bit. Perhaps I’m most proud of pumping hundreds of millions of dollars back into my hometown’s local economy? No, the best thing was buying my Mom a home. From the ghetto to a front porch with rocking chairs. I apologize for not living up to everyone else’s expectations.

I’m no different than anyone else. I’m alive and successful because of love. A love without exclusion, without discrimination. Discrimination and inequality are the greatest of sins – denying God’s creation at hand – the Kingdom of Heaven is upon us which we bring it about in our own hearts. Discrimination and inequality lead to exclusion and hatred – a path my faith will not follow.

Amendment One supporters have asked for prayers so that “God’s definition of marriage” will prevail. I’ll answer their call. My prayer to them is this, “Sorry for being me. I cannot hide what I am. Love always, Andrew.”


Did we hear NC House Speaker Thom Tillis correctly when speaking about Amendment One and the need to write discrimination into the State’s Constitution?

“This amendment is necessary to honor the traditional definition of marriage as between one man and one woman, and I am pleased that North Carolinians will have the chance to include it in our constitution on May 8. Just don’t apply it to my staff.

Got to love the hypocrisy.


I must laugh at Amendment One supporters who wish to enshrine hatred into our State’s Constitution.

In drama, we call what happend on March 24, 1977 foreshadowing. That was the date the State of North Carolina reversed laws denying marriage equality to couples of mixed race. I read the statute below; my laugh quickly ends.

§ 51‑3.1.  Interracial marriages validated.
All interracial marriages that were declared void by statute or a court of competent jurisdiction prior to March 24, 1977, are hereby validated. The parties to such interracial marriages are deemed to be lawfully married, provided that the provisions of this Chapter have been complied with.

Discrimination is Dangerous

With the vote on May 8th closing in, North Carolinians will be seeing more and more ads that spew vitriol about our friends and family who happen to be gay. This sort of discrimination only breeds malcontent for our brothers and sisters. Case in point: Nathan Hoskins from Kentucky, whose own mother threatened his life one Valentine’s Day in sixth grade.

“She stood me up against a tree,” he says. “She took the shotgun out of my hands, and she put it to my head. She said, ‘This is the tree that I’d take my son to and blow his head off if he ever decided to be a faggot.’” (Source: NPR)

This kind of hatred cannot stand. Discriminating against your fellow man, especially by writing into our state’s defining document, will do nothing to create jobs, educate our children or move our state forward. In fact, all it will do is breed more hate. To quote the holy text that a number of our detractors use to support their arguments of discrimination:

If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?
– 1 John 4:20

Stand with us March 15th when we rally at Halifax Mall in downtown Raleigh to show our state and our nation that North Carolina chooses love over hate. Please donate to our Rally Fund and be sure to Vote May 8th to strike down this awful amendment.