Election Day: Tuesday, Nov 8

Durham and Orange counties are holding municipal elections next Tuesday, Nov 8th:

Voting is the most important thing you can do as a citizen. Our government doesn’t have to be something we loathe; we can make it better, but only if we all get involved. No one lives in a vacuum, so get involved–go vote!

One thought on “Election Day: Tuesday, Nov 8

  1. Just looked up my voter registration information – this is what I found:

    Street Address: 2512 STAFFORD AVE
    City: RALEIGH
    Zip Code: 27607
    County: WAKE
    Gender: Male
    Race: Undesignated
    Ethnicity: Undesignated
    Voter Reg. Number: 000031120110
    Registration Date: 10/06/2000
    Precinct: PRECINCT 01-01
    Eligible To Vote?: Yes

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